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We are pleased that you have chosen to look into Sarpy County OB-GYN P.C. for your obstetric and gynecologic needs. While there are many healthcare options available, we want you to be comfortable with your provider. In our practice, you will receive the very best in medical care. This website will give you a better understanding of who we are and what we do. Our healthcare team is concerned with your needs and welcomes any suggestions you may have to improve our services.

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  • 5 years ago today I was blessed with my blue eyed angel girl Azrael Rae Good. Dr. McFadden had just gotten home the day before from Jamaica and I told him I couldn't wait anymore he better hurry!!. Miss You Sean! Trinity Good says hi!
    Marsha Beardsley Good
  • Great practice! Would recommend them to anyone!!
    Casey Hike-Lundquist
  • Awesome doctors and nurses!! Love them!!
    Brandi Chase
  • Dr. McFadden is truly the best in his field, and I wouldn't trust my care to anyone other than him. No matter what the issue is he will set you at ease. He is incredibly smart and talented, and I've never worried for a second about the care or advice he's given me. I highly recommend him to anyone.
    Autumn Sky
  • I chose this clinic randomly when I first found out I was pregnant. Best random decision I ever made! Dr. McFadden immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was a single mother-to-be and he took the time to get to know me and my family because he truly cares about his patients. My son was born on March 15th, 2011, and I'm so grateful that I had my favorite person, Dr. McFadden there with us! I would highly recommend Dr. Sean McFadden and Dr. Kay Thatcher to anyone!
    KaCee Peters
  • I love this Place! Dr. McFadden is the BEST Dr there is!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this place. Dr McFadden saved my life! Love u all!
    Teri Lynn Price
  • I love Dr McFadden.
    Jennifer Tilson Walker
  • The staff is great.... I'm having my first baby and they never make me feel like I'm asking a stupid question.
    Amber Zakaras
  • Thanks for the call last week Stacy! I didn't know the office had a page. Now I can stay in touch with some of my favorite ppl. Not to mention remind Sean he owes us! LOL I have a very small degree of separation of people that I meet that are patients.
    Heather Jenneman
  • Doctors and staff are fabulous-
    Emmalina Khaitov
  • Love this place great people and doctors.
    Brenda Thor Lozano
  • No better team of doctors and they keep it real, you don't feel like just another chart on a shelf... I love a doctor in scrubs and flip flops!
    Leslie Steadman Vera
  • Sean is amazing!!! He truly cares about his patients and treated me like I had known him for years. Very comfortable setting and amazing at delivery time. My only "downfall" is that he's not a high risk doctor, so only two of my three kids had to pleasure of being brought into the world by him. I wish it could've been all three!
    Jennifer Patire
  • When Dr. McFadden hugs you looks you in the eye and tells you "We'll take care of you, everything will be okay." I was reminded why he is the best! His bedside manner is to be beyond valued! He's down to earth and not too good to be friendly and personable just because he's a doctor. He gets to know you and your family and genuinely cares, he can joke and has a great sense of humor. But at the same time he can be serious, answer every question in detail and is extremely knowledgeable. He can be the comfort you need struggling with infertility, and the one that sits you down and gives it to you straight and honest when you need it. Dr . Thatcher performed my emergency cesarean almost 5 years ago and there is no doubt in my mind she saved my son and my life that day! I love the entire staff here, they are extremely accommodating and sincere in their efforts to help you any and every way they can!
    Cassidy Dunn
  • I spent 3 years trying to have a child. I went with my best friend to all her appointments here, and on her 6 weeks check up after daughter was born, Sean asked me when will I be in? I told him my situation and immediately he told me to make an appointment. "We will look into what's going on." One year later I went back for being pregnant!!!!! Both Sean and his wife have had compassion and understanding. I am ever so grateful to them as well as their staff who make you feel a part of the family! Thank you! -highly recommend this clinic.
    Jennifer L Abelein
  • These two Doctors are what we all need Today in a physician ... 'REAL' ! I am not a patient to either, although I can only imagine the personal and medical care each patient receives ! Two genuine , caring human beings!!!
    Judi Novotny
  • I would recommend Sean to anyone! Truly cares about his patients!!
    Shelley Sautter Kramer
  • Love this place love Dr. Mc Fadden and Dr. Thatcher are the two best obgyn anyone could ask for
    Olivia Kopp
  • Sean is the best doctor there is! He always makes sure to sit down and talk to me even when he is extremely busy. He actually cares about his patients, and I feel like I'm not just a number! I would recommend him one thousand percent!
    Amy Page
  • I highly, highly recommend Sarpy County OB/GYN. I have being going to them from over 10 years, and I still drive over 2 hours from Urbandale, IA to use them as my physicians. Excellent service and care from the second you walk in the door. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!
    Mallory Robinson
  • I love them!! Sean was my doc and he was so funny!
    Kellie Cunningham
  • I just recently had a total hysterectomy. Dr. McFadden has delivered two of my children, all while I had some health issues. I would not have trusted anyone else to care for my health and deliver my children, but Sean and Kay! They are wise, not only in their minds, but their spirit! Bedside manner goes a long ways in today's society. If you feel cared about, you should know you ARE being cared for! Maya Angelou was correct when she said, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel." Sarpy OBGYN embodies this statement, thank you!
    Jennifer Pontefract
  • I have been seeing Dr. McFadden and Dr. Thatcher for about 5 years. They are both wonderful doctors and really take the time to make me feel comfortable and answer all of my questions. They delivered both of our babies. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great doctor. Also, their staff is excellent! As far as previous recommendations stating "They don't run on time" no, they don't. I am completely content with that. I would rather have the appt run late. It's a lot better than running on time only to be rushed out the door and made to feel like a number which happened at the previous place I went to.
  • I have been going here for many years and absolutely love the staff and doctors. Prior to finding Sean, I had a couple of bad experiences and was nervous to try someone new. Sean is honest, confident, and calm, which is especially great while you are pregnant! The staff is caring and even makes sure you are up to date on things like the flu shot and vaccines. It is a one-stop-shop! There is no better place, check it out!
    Crystal Anderson
  • The doctors and the office staff are amazing people. I would recommend them to anyone
    Jennifer Patterson
  • We love Dr. McFadden and Dr. Thatcher! I think my hubby actually enjoyed going for baby check ups even more than I did! Dr. McFadden is very personable and funny! My husband usually laughed the whole time...usually they were making fun of me! Dr. M took great care of me during both of my pregnancies and deliveries...although he about missed the 2nd one!!!:). I would recommend this office to anyone!!
    Jill Fahnholz Wilson
  • I can honestly say you are in good hands and they truly care about their patients. I would recommend dr. Thatcher and dr. McFadden to anyone!! :)
    Jennette Horn
  • The best around. Dr. McFadden is wonderful, and I love his staff.
    Tami Ballard-Anzalone
  • Absolutely love Dr McFadden! He delivered my second child (who turns 3 this weekend!) after we'd just moved here from CO. The difference in my care for my 1st & 2nd pregnancy was night & day. I would recommend Sean to anyone.
    Ryan Furlow Spruce
  • They are amazing! Our two kids were delivered by Sean and Kay, and the experience was wonderful!
    Mark McCormack
  • I really couldn't imagine any place better to ensure the health of my babies!! The entire staff is amazing...however Dr. Thatcher is and will always be my favorite doctor. That is saying a lot considering when I see her it ends with me in stirrups!!!!
    Holly Bell-Page